What We Do For You

We are always rethinking our services to walk with you every step of the way

Our Commitment

 We provide a wide range of Bespoke Relocation Services and competitive packages to suit your needs and help our clients and their families to settle in as effortlessly as possible.

Pre-departure Services


Area Overview & House Search

Careful consultation beforehand is key for the success of a Relocation project. Prior consultancy sessions with the client, will allow us to meet most of their needs so we can offer qualified advice and an optimal solution suitable to their budget, from short- term accommodation to Real Estate investments.

Real Estate services

Finding the perfect new home is just the beginning. 

We act for our clients on negotiating repair works, drafting and reviewing documents and contracts  and we´ll guide the tenant/buyer through the closing process, making sure everything is up to date with supplies and tax payments, according to Spanish Law. 

School Search

Finding the perfect school is frequently as important as finding a perfect new home. Sometimes even more.

Depending on the child’s personality, learning style and academic ability or special learning strengths or needs, a well-known school might not be suitable at all for our clients´ family.

Once more, our aim is to become an extension of our clients and their needs and interests so we can provide them with the best options available. 

All analysis requires an initial screening and we know how to narrow down the search until we find the perfect school for every child. 

Cross Cultural Training

Sometimes, an initial training session is essential for our clients and their families.

Depending on their concerns and the area to which they are relocating, we offer bespoke guidance that includes all the essential information they may need before their arrival. 

Globalization has not yet lessened cultural differences. On the contrary, hidden under apparent similarities, there are important cultural differences that have a direct impact on communication between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Nowadays, intercultural competence is a key factor in international communication.

Moving quotations

Our experience is that no partnerships are required in this area. We work with as many moving companies as possible in order to keep finding the most suitable client option. We simply look for the best tailor- made solutions for each costumer considering their needs and budget.

Visa and inmigration counselling services

We provide bespoke immigration solutions for both business and personal matters. 

Our dedicated legal advisors have a wealth of experience advising on all aspects of immigration law. We provide complete support for the transfer and resettling of employees or potential employees. 

Legal tax advisory services

All expats pay taxes in the Spanish territory. The main difference comes when defining which taxes exactly and at which rates: and that difference depends on the amount of time they spend per year in the country and whether they are considered as a tax resident or not. Our Tax Advisory partners include lawyers, accountants and economists, highly specialised in taxation and other areas of the Law.

Insurance Information and Advice

We provide advice on helping our clients get Home, Car or Health insurance. We are not tied to any insurance company and for this reason we are not restricted by single company premium structures or cover options.

This allows us to offer our clients the best possible quote, specifically tailored to their needs.

Landing Services


House Inspection and Key Handover

We don’t like to assume any risks, so we love to be in charge of the previous house inspection and key handover in order to make sure everything is ready before your arrival. 

As a house buyer or tenant, the house inspection might be the last chance to uncover defects within the house, and potentially get the seller or landlord to pay for them, before sealing the deal.

In case the house is furnished, we will do a full inventory and will take photographs of any minor detail that might become a problem later.

Airport Transfers

It’s not about managing to get to your new home with your luggage. It is about finding a familiar face to welcome and support you at your arrival.

We hire a professionally driven vehicle, Mercedes E Class, S Class or  V Class, depending on the amount of luggage and the number of people.

Area Tours and Orientation

The first few days are essential in being made to feel welcome. The consultant assigned will design and take the client either to experience our pre set itinerary or to a bespoke tour depending on their needs and interests.

Everything we do is designed to enhance the knowledge of particular areas or local cultures.

Each itinerary we create is, by definition, unique and depends on what each client wants to see at your own comfortable pace.

Other Landing Services

We are proud to partner with experts in specific areas so we can guarantee the best answer to every need. 

  • Delivery and unpacking of household goods 
  • Housekeeping services from arranging interviews with candidates, to hiring staff
  • School placement uniforms, extracurricular activities and books
  • Car lease/purchase
  • Legal validation of foreign driving licences

Settling In Services

We simply don’t want to disappear. 

Although all the main issues should be sorted for your arrival, we expect to be by our client’s side during the first weeks until the whole family has settled in. We encourage our customers to ask for whatever they may need. Some of the most commonly required services are: 


Area Tours and Orientation


Language Training Options


Cross-Cultural Training


Business in Spain Lectures


Spouse or Partner Assistance


Banking & Insurance Services


Information about the procedures to attain official recognition of academic studies by foreigners.