About Us

Saffron relocations is the result of a Vision shared by a team of professionals with decades of experience within the Real Estate Market, Strategic Business Mobility, Corporate Travel Agency, and Human Resources areas.

We know personally how stressful moving to a new country can be and we know how to fix things.

Our aim is to get to know and become an extension of each of our clients, so they can simply relax and focus on the exciting side of the adventure. 

Our Mission


Our Mission is to become our clients´ alter ego so we can provide them with the best bespoke relocation solutions. Our main goal is to watch them enjoying the adventure. 

Our Vision


Our Vision is to be seen as lifeguards, fellow travellers, problem solvers and new friends to our clients. A safe bet when it comes to facing challenges.

Our Values


Passion for what we do

It is not only about being experts, it is about loving our job. This is the essential feature shared by our team.

Reliability & transparency

Blind trust is essential in our world. Our clients are putting lots of important decisions in our hands and it will only work if we are reliable and transparent in every step.

Bespoke solutions

There are no correct answers. Each HR Department, each individual, each family has their own needs, concerns and interests. What works for one can be a failure for another. The only way to guarantee the success of a relocation project is to become an extension of our clients in order to offer the best bespoke solutions.

Tailor-made partnerships

No one is the best at everything and we are proud to partner with people and companies a lot better than us in areas such as legal and tax advice, language training services or hiring domestic staff among others.

We will always let you know who we partner with and why.